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Номер: 3-5
Год: 2016
Страницы: 55-56
Журнал: Актуальные проблемы гуманитарных и естественных наук

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alternative solution, take part widely open-mindedly, target language practice, social skills, team spirit, effective tools, universal means, interactive methods, authentic communication

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This article describes using variety games in teaching process. Games can help the teachers to create attractive methods for the class.

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Learning is one of the primary activities of students in the classroom. Successful learning is only on the right way to lead the process. Good learning atmosphere and method can guide the students to learn more and meaningful. To accomplish such condition, teachers must create variety and attractive methods for the class. What should a teacher do if their students get bored? Using variety games can be an alternative solution to handle this problem. Games, as a matter of fact, can help and encourage many students to sustain co-in their interest and work. Games can help the teachers to creative contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful. In the whole process of teaching and learning by games the students can take part widely and open-mindedly. To win the games each student or group should competitively answer the questions addressed by the teacher or other students or groups. In order to do so they must understand what the teacher or others are saying or have written, and they must speak or write in order to express their own point of view or give information. Playing games in classroom can support English learning in many perspectives. That is it provides opportunities for target language practice, encourage students to communicate by using all four language skills, creates a real life situation for using language. Moreover, the foremost students’ problem in learning English is lack of interest. The games are the effective means sustaining students’ interest and getting rid of anxiety in class. In addition, games develop students’ social skills in co-operative with others as well as build up team spirit. Chosen games are designed to support studying material. Many activities push students to use new words as well as word phrases. In other way, they help teacher to recall material in a pleasant, entertaining way. Another factor influencing the choice of a game is its length and the time necessary for its completion. Many games have a time limit, but the teacher can either allocate more or less time depending on the students’ level, the number of people in a group, or the knowledge of the rules of a game. Games are often used as short warm-up activities or some time left at the end of a lesson. Crossword puzzles are effective tools in learning vocabulary. Learning a foreign language is not easy. If learning itself feels like a game, and if the learners feel they are discovering a fascinating new world through games which they would also enjoy playing outside the classroom, it is much more likely that English play a central role in their world. Foreign language teachers are like the artists who try to appeal the more than just the intellect by exercising their imagination as well as their heart. Games represent a bridge between studying and fun, between mother tongue and target language and last but not least, between teacher and student. Pedagogy develops is to catch it up, use new technologies, methods and means of teaching, one of which is game. Game is universal means, as it can be used at teaching to make the studying process effective, interesting and accessible. English being means of communication, as well as any other language, is known to be means of receiving and sending information. English-speaking communication is the basic educational activity of linguistic university students, so interactive methods become effective means of teaching English as it gives huge opportunities of the authentic communication. The success of teaching depend on the interest of students to the subject on their to learn it. Sometimes classes pass by, not leaving a trace in education of students. Studying time is whiled away by drawing pictures, talking to the neighbor. In some cases the stimuli- is very difficult to create. But the high motivation to study English is observed by using games which gives a variety of forms of teaching from listening to audio records and watching video. As it is known, all these kinds of activity are sources of entertainments of students during leisure time. The process of teaching English becomes interesting, easy and thus productive.

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