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Номер: 3-5
Год: 2016
Страницы: 65-67
Журнал: Актуальные проблемы гуманитарных и естественных наук

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creative personality, empathy, flexibility of thinking, fluency, creative skills, intellectually - heuristic personality

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This article is devoted to the development of creative human personality, creative personality problems at all levels of education and training, complex effects required for the formation of a creative personality, creative abilities of the individual components of the student focuses on the creative qualities of the person.

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The profound transformations taking place in our reality, put forward new requirements for the creation of such conditions during the training process, which would contribute to the development of a creative personality. In a society develops social order for the creative personality, i.e a man capable of thinking in a new way, to set their own goals, objectives, offering innovative solutions, to resist the routine-oriented approach more on the future than on the past, in a word, a man with "the virus of novelty." The concept of "creative person" is used in the psychological literature for a long time. The creative personality is manifested in an active and diverse human activity consisting in learning and accumulating knowledge, events, the facts in the field of material and spiritual production, and is the basis for intelligent search. The problem of the creative personality is important at all levels of education and knowledge, but it is particularly acute in high school, for high school by its very nature is designed to prepare highly qualified specialists to ensure progress in various fields of human activity. Between the high school until recently was the preparation focusedpredominantlyprofessionals technocratic plan, professional solving specific problems, i.e problems of individual spheres of human knowledge. Targeting high schools only on the professional performance criteria have been exhausted, and proved a dead end. To develop the creative abilities of the person must have certain inclinations and background, which in the course of life can either be implemented or not. To implement creative talents desirable whole range of special effects on a person. The medium, which allows and encourages complex effects required for the formation of a creative personality, will be called developing environment. This Sunday should guarantee for an individual realization of its instincts and potencies, the possibility of self-expression, satisfaction of cognitive needs, flexibility and originality of thinking, tend to self-improvement. Developing environment includes situation around the university, the general situation in the society, the situation inside the institution. Environment student can be considered developmental (contributing realization of creative potential), if it satisfies the following requirements: 1. The presence of scientific schools and scientific traditions. 2. Social request for a creative person. 3. The presence of long-term objectives. Material stimulation of creative activity. Numerous researchers have creative people tried to formulate important quality of any creative person the basis of the ability to be creative. With all the variety of specific formulations all speak about one and the same: a creative person - it is a free person, a free person - is a person that can be myself, to hear his "I", in the words of Rogers [4.24p] A.N.Luk although he did not give the definition of the concept of "creative person", but is widely used this concept and has identified the following portrait touches a person as a subject of art [2. 56 p] The portrait touches human Thus, as we can see, the creative person - This creative activity of a person who really is not afraid of conflict with themselves and the surrounding reality. One of the characteristic creative personality - courage. Courage in the formulation of the problem, the courage to surprise in the aggravation of contradictions, non-conventional ways of ways of problem solving, imagination, without which it is impossible to generate original ideas, perseverance in bringing scheduled to end, despite possible conflicts.

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