Academician E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University

Номер: 2-2
Год: 2017
Страницы: 19-21
Журнал: Актуальные проблемы гуманитарных и естественных наук

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В данной статье рассматривается вопрос физической подготовки и интереса студентов к физической культуре и спорту. Автор показывает отношение с помощью анкетирования студентов различных факультетов Карагандинского Государственного Университета им.Е.А.Букетова. Формирование активного интереса к Физической Культуре и Спорту у студентов является проблемой, исходя из вышесказанного следует, что необходим поиск способа заинтересовать студентов.

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According to our President of the Republic of Kazakhstan the physical education and sport should become a special care of the state. He states in Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050": “New political course of established state is healthy lifestyle that becomes the key to the nation’s health " [1]. Physical culture as the subject is familiar to the most students since childhood. At the same time in а high school its appointment as an academic discipline is determined by the fact that the contribution of sports education in general higher education should provide students with all aspects of knowledge about human life, about his health and healthy way of life, and also in the mastery of the entire arsenal of practical skills, ensuring the preservation and strengthening of health, development and improvement of his mental , physical abilities, and personal qualities [2]. The Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "17" June 2011 № 261 Physical Education declared as the compulsory subject of humanitarian educational cycle, which includes 360 academic hours. The question of the interest of students in physical training is relevant in our society, because now in the learning activities of the students have being introduced innovative programs, methods, increased classroom training, the volume of tasks, information and psycho-emotional load on the student, students spend more time working with his/her computer. All this negatively impacts on the student's health and raises the question of physical education of the students [3]. Physical education is the foundation of mental and physical development and improvement of the younger generation. Making a physical activity leads to the formation of stable needs, interests and motives in motor activity that has more importance for achieving aims in the future careers of young professionals. The goal of physical education in high school is to contribute to the preparation of harmoniously developed, highly qualified specialists. During training at the university a physical education the course provides a solution of the following tasks: Education of students of high moral, volitional, and physical qualities, readiness for high productivity; - The preservation and strengthening of the students’ health, promoting good formation and the comprehensive development of the body, maintaining high efficiency over the entire period of study; - A comprehensive physical training of students; - Improving sports skills of students-athletes; - Rasing students belief to the need to regularly making a sport . The aim of our study is to reveal the attitude of students to the physical culture in the university Research methods: theoretical analysis of the literature, monitoring, study through interviews and questionnaires [4]. In order to achieve the objectives of the research we carried out a survey of students not enrolled in the faculty of the physical education and sports, the number of respondents was 30 students. The questionnaire had 6 questions: 1. What is your attitude to a healthy way of life ? Do you think it is necessary to adhere to the principles of a healthy way of life? One answer is possible: Yes, you need to adhere to the principles of healthy lifestyle 75% No, I can live well without it 5% Partially 15% I do not care about this problem 5% 2. Physical culture - an essential element of the general culture of the student? one Chance Possible answer: · Yes; 90% · No; 10% · Difficult to answer - 3. What are the reasons in your opinion preventing making sport and sport activity at the university. The lack of sports knowledge in organizing self-study 5% The weak mass- Organization sports and recreation activities in high school 5% Lack of time 35% The lack of equipment and sportswear 10% The reasons for not thought about it 30% No answer 15% 4. Would you like to devote more time to exercise? · Yes 70% · No 10% · Difficult to answer 20% 5. What form of physical training seems to you more attractive? · Required classes under the guidance of a teacher 35% · Self-study 35% · Extracurricular activities; 15% · Physical education in high school is not needed; 15% · Difficult to answer - 6. What is your attitude to the physical culture? · Positive 70% · Rather positive 30% · Rather negative - · Negative - · Difficult to answer - Having analyzed the results of the survey, we noted that the most of the students have a positive attitude to maintain a healthy way of life and appreciate the role of physical culture and sports in their life. The highest percentage of respondents indicated that the main reason that prevents studies sports and sports activities is lack of time of the students at the university. We believe that increasing levels of positive motivation in physical culture leads to the effectiveness of physical education students. Physical education is an objective sphere of mass self-activity .It serves as an important factor in the formation of active life position. Several studies have found that the students included in the systematic physical culture and sports, and exhibiting them in rather high activity, generated a certain stereotype of the regime of the day, increasing the confidence of behavior, there is a development of the "prestigious installations, high vitality. They are more sociable, have expressed a willingness to cooperate, enjoy social recognition, less afraid of criticism, they tend to have higher emotional stability, "endurance, they are more characteristic optimism, energy, among them more than the persistent, determined people who know how to lead a team. The problem of formation of active attitude of young people to the university physical education and sport remains urgent and requires the constant search for ways to increase the interest of students to these tasks. The ways of increasing of students interest to the making sport can be linked with the development of a set of pedagogical actions aimed at improving the prestige of health in the value orientations of students of the system, including changing the content of propaganda sports in the conditions of high school, as well as the improvement of the organizational forms of mandatory and sectional classes.

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