Termez State University

Номер: 8-2
Год: 2017
Страницы: 44-45
Журнал: Актуальные проблемы гуманитарных и естественных наук

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Art does not allow creators to bump into their shells. It is a way of influencing as many people as possible through creating a comprehensive picture of suffering and joy. A. Kamyu There are such people who will never be forgotten and they have taken the place in the deep hearts of people forever. Their spirits become eternal in people’s memory. There are such writers and poets who will live together with their works forever. Being such creator who are in the memories of people is a real talent. Eshkobil Shukur is adored as our nation’s original poet. His every single verse of creation is read with a special kind of love. The rows split like a fountain of emotions flow into the hearts of everyone. These emotions make the entire body of a person fascinate, and attract people into diverse thoughts. The person who ever tried the "taste" of poet poems can’t have a simple point of view towards life. One begins to observe a life with a poetic look and some depth. The outlook starts to expand and one will be able expresses his attitude in every story. Especially in the poems of the poet "Hamal ayvoni" we can clearly see the beautiful images of human emotions. By reading this book, everybody feels that there is another world inside of him and begins to discover himself again. The poems in this collection are for a moment, but lighten our memory and give light to our minds. We can see the “sharpness” of poet's poem in his poems which are inextricably linked to our pains, joys, and joys that we cannot tell anybody else, and the lines of sensual emotions. The poet cannot be confined to the feelings of his heart. He sings patriotism, nationalism, and his belief in his own language and religion. The poem "The Ninth February", which we want to mention below can serve as proof of our claims: I'm going to die tomorrow, mother, If do not sing songs in Uzbek Tonight I'm going to die tomorrow, mother, If your brides do not give birth to great poets Tonight Eshkobil Shukur had not yet reached the age of eighteen when he finished this poem. Despite being a young, the poet, who created such beautiful and irrefutable lines, admires the literature in his school years and defines it as his fate. His father, grandfather Jora, also contributed him greatly to become a poet. He was well aware of the folklore. In his poems, Shukur addresses many of the "Boymoqli" village, his hills, and picturesque gardens. The poet puts forward the sophisticated poem as an overarching scene. These lines are closer to the human being and are less intense. They are remembered by reading for the first time. We can see these images in the following poem: Grass is growing in Boymokli, In the evening, flocks dust the road. The flowers in the trees are sparkling The waves rise to the river. Under the hills in Boymokli, There are thousands of lambs, Under the green roofs Leaps are trembling like brides We often encounter the image of the leap in the literature. But this flower has never been compared to a tremendous bride! It is not difficult for us to realize how great the talent is by those lines of the poet. These unique findings continue in the next lines: Playing the sister 's hair, Lightweight winds. Throughout the past night Elders walking in the dusk. "Spring in Boymokli! Get up! " - They call each other. Brides in Boymokli Give birth to Uzbek poets. Eshkobil Shukur's every line is full of meaning. Every word of his is a source of spiritual food and strength. There are some works that you cannot find anything meaningful from the entire book. Nothing, empty... but, from this poet’s line you will find the fountain of light that will light your way, and it will keep you alive and light your paths all along your life. These lines are related to the sealing of eternity, and the result of pure emotion and sacred testimony. As you can see, the word cannot be justified. He has no boundaries. The real word is the child of the soul. It is born with emotions and never dies. A real artist is made up of books.

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